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Hardwood flooring is almost exclusively manufactured from wood harvested from deciduous tree species, trees that shed their leaves in winter. Woods used in flooring are chosen for how well they wear over time, measured in terms of hardness and dimensional stability, and for color and grain ranging from the palest shade of white oak to the crimson tones of padauk or the rich burgundy black of mahogany.

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    If you have been thinking about getting hardwood floors installed, and you are looking for a professional company that can take expert care of your flooring project, then look no further than the professionals from JL Flooring. We have over 20 years of experience in wood flooring installation in Edmonton AB and the surrounding areas and we are delighted to work with you on all of your hardwood flooring installation projects anytime of the year.

    The installment process of a hardwood floor will depend on the type of subfloor that you have within your home, as well as the type of hardwood that you plan to install.

    Our team of experts is experienced and trained to install all types of hardwood flooring, including pre-finished and unfinished hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate. We will gladly work with you in order to decide which type of flooring material will be best for your purpose and will work for your budget as well.


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    Solid Hardwood Flooring

    ​If you are interested in solid hardwoods for your home, then you are likely interested in their longevity and durability. Solid hardwoods can be installed in any room of the home, and can be pre-finished or can be unfinished. The choice is yours, whichever one you wish to choose, and you can rest easily knowing that our flooring contractors are highly skilled at installing either type of solid flooring.

    Pre-finished wood will already be stained and sealed, while unfinished wood will require some attention once the flooring is installed. Some homeowners like to go the unfinished route, in order to ensure a smooth, consistent finished floor within their home environment. Solid hardwoods will be installed by nailing the individual boards onto a wooden subfloor.

    Engineered Hardwood Flooring

    Engineered hardwood, also referred to as composite wood, is manufactured in panels and is ready to install throughout any home. Our contractors will either staple the engineered hardwoods on your subfloor, click-lock the panels together on top of your subfloor, or we will glue them to the subfloor surface. Upon inspection, our professionals will be able to inform you which method will work the best for your particular situation.

    There are several differences between solid hardwood floors and engineered hardwood floors, and you will need to compare and contrast the two,when you are making the decision to add wood floors to your home. Generally, solid hardwood floors are more expensive; however, they are very durable and can easily be re-sanded and re-stained when needed. Engineered wood may be a better choice for some homeowners, because the price point may be more attractive and you may have a more suitable subfloor for the engineered wood installation. We will gladly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of solid hardwoods vs. engineered hardwoods for your particular purpose, upon request.

    Laminate Wood Flooring

    Laminate flooring is another option that you may wish to consider for your home. Laminate materials are available in many different colors, styles, and designs. Laminate is an affordable option that looks beautiful all throughout the home. It can be installed over concrete or wood subfloors, and may even be able to be placed on top of older laminate flooring. Upon further research, you should have no problem finding a laminate flooring that will look welcoming and attractive within your home.


    Vinyl Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is a product composed of several layers of different materials sandwiched together to form a highly durable, practical and affordable floor covering. The two main types of vinyl flooring are Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and vinyl roll. Both LVT and vinyl roll are made from the same materials, however, they’re constructed differently to produce different effects. For example the plank format is ideal to imitate natural wood.


    Tile & Backsplash

    A tile backsplash serves a practical purpose by protecting walls from splatters, but they’ve become a popular way to add eye-catching style to your kitchen and bathroom. An ideal canvas to explore a fashionable design, their small scale makes backsplashes manageable for do-it-yourself projects.

    If you are interested in flooring installation services for your home, then please contact JL Flooring today! We take great pride in the work that we provide for our customers, and we look forward to meeting you and learning your ideas for your own humble abode.

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